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Dallas & Fort Worth is famous for many things – sun, sand, parties, theme parks, the people...and so much more. It is also known for seeing some of the worst storms in history hitting its shores. When these storms hit, even when people get away during the brunt of it, power outages are a sure outcome, and even when lesser weather disturbances occur, the loss of electricity is also a big possibility.

If you are a resident of Dallas & Fort Worth, you know that going without electricity for any amount of time can be very difficult. Food gets spoiled in the heat, due to the lack of refrigeration systems, and comfortability goes right out the window because of the absence of air conditioning systems. What do you do when you experience prolonged periods without electricity?

Thankfully, there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to back-up power. However, only one is considered environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and that is backup battery systems used with solar panels. While you can choose to use the usual gasoline or diesel powered generators for your power needs during these outages, such options are actually very expensive, not to mention bad for the environment and potentially dangerous. Sharp Solar encourages residents to choose the environmentally safe option of solar-powered backup systems. We also have the equipment, personnel, and expertise to provide quality installations and training on the use of the system.

To further cement the choice of solar-powered battery backups over the use of fuel-powered generators, consider these:

  • Both systems may cost relatively the same, but gas-powered generators cost more in the long run due to the need for fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel.
  • Gasoline and diesel-powered generators emit harmful fumes, while solar-powered backup batteries are a clean source of energy with no fumes.
  • Generators need constant maintenance, while batteries are generally maintenance free, due to the fact that they are fully sealed.
  • Backup batteries start up and switch over almost instantaneously, whereas generators need a few minutes of down time to start and to switch over. 

With battery backup systems that are hooked up to solar panels, you get the kind of clean energy that is not only non-polluting, but also cheaper and readily available. You simply need to harness the power of the sun’s rays in order to have power that can be stored in battery backup systems, which can then be used to operate air conditioning units and refrigerators when power is lost. With solar panels installed, you can rest assured that you will always have electricity even when the power is out. You will also save quite a bit of money in the long run.

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