Home Efficiency Testing in Dallas & Fort Worth

Utility bill payments are often among the biggest you make every month. In the average American home, utility bills rank slightly higher than food costs. This does not have to be the case. You can reduce what you spend on utilities by implementing home efficiency products and practices in addition to adding solar to your home.

What is home efficiency and how can you make your home more efficient? In a nutshell, home efficiency is something you do to your home to ensure that you do not waste any of the energy that you use. Heartland Solar Solutions offers you a number of solutions to reduce your overhead utility costs. Here are some of our home efficiency solutions:

Home Efficiency Solutions

Home Efficiency Testing in Dallas & Fort Worth
  • Hot Water Heaters – Heating water for bathing, dishwashing, laundry, or to fill a pool will cost you quite a bit of of money when using standard heating methods. You can save on water heating costs by using solar water heaters or solar energy to power your electric water heaters.
  • Attic Fans – The heat that accumulates in your attic can make your air conditioning units work twice as hard, which can cost you twice as much in electric bills. Having attic fans that dispel this accumulated heat can help you reduce this cost. Even moreso when utilizing solar attic fans.
  • Solar Window Film – When the sun shines through the windows of your home, it does more than just illuminate your interiors. It also damages surfaces, heats up your home, and increases your electric bill because your AC system has to work twice as hard. Solar window films help keep the heat of the sun out and keep harmful UV rays at bay, yet still give you the natural light you enjoy from the sun.
  • Radiant Barrier – Most people do not realize that when your roof absorbs the heat of the sun, it also heats up what is underneath it - your attic, and by extension, your home. Your AC unit then needs to work overtime in order to keep the inside of your home cool, which is where a radiant barrier becomes beneficial. This barrier will help keep most of the heat of the sun out and will keep your AC system running efficientlly.
  • Window Replacement – If you live in an older home or if you didn't consider using energy efficient windows when you first constructed your home, you might want to consider window replacement. The windows that are used for home efficiency help to keep cold air in and hot air out, which in turn helps to keep your electric bills down.
  • AC Tune-up – Air-conditioning units, much like any other mechanical piece of equipment, require regular maintenance. Neglecting to keep these tuned-up will result in inefficient cooling and higher electric bills. Scheduling a regular check-up, cleaning, and maintenance of your AC will help lower your electric bill substantially.

Let Sharp Solar Find Energy Efficiency Savings for Your Home

These are some of the things you need to consider for your home if you want to reduce your monthly utility bills. Sharp Solar is an expert, not only in-home efficiency, but also in helping homeowners realize the potential of using renewable and clean energy, like solar energy. To find out more about our home efficiency options as well as our solar energy choices, contact us today at 817-765-6864. You can also complete our contact form with your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We did not know much about solar panels before talking with Sharp Solar. They helped educate us on solar energy and make the switch to make our home more efficient. We didn't know what we were missing out on but we are very pleased with the results.

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Sharp Solar helped me get solar panels on my home and it was the best decision I've made! They were very helpful in explaining the process from beginning to end. Excellent customer service and results!

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