Residential Solar & Generator Installation in Addison, TX

Installing a solar energy system can help homeowners save money and reduce their carbon footprint in Addison, Texas. Most of the time, the initial cost of solar energy systems can be made back in a few years.

There is no telling when a power loss caused by high winds, a natural calamity, or any other event may occur. Power outages may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the severity and the electric company's capacity to reach the affected regions. In case the power goes out at your home or office in Addison, a backup generator will let you power the services you need to remain comfortable throughout the power outage.

Sharp Solar should be contacted right away if a solar or backup generator installation in Addison is desired. We tailor the installation of solar panels and generators to each individual client's energy requirements. To contact us, please dial 817-765-6864.

Some Benefits of Using Solar Energy & Generators in Addison

solar energy and generator

Generator: Protect your family, your house, and your belongings with a backup generator. The advantages that many people enjoy include the following:

  • Suitability
  • Voltage for urgent situations
  • Keeping harm at bay
  • Safe and simple to use.
  • power for home electronics

Solar energy: Greenhouse gases and other air and water pollutants are not produced by solar power generation. When solar panels are used to create electricity, there is no release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Around 20% efficiency is typical for solar panels used in homes. Additional advantages include:

  • Raises the value of the house
  • Reduce your monthly power bill by doing so.
  • Solar panels need nothing in the way of upkeep.
  • The sun may be used to generate clean, sustainable energy.

Count on Sharp Solar for Your Residential Solar & Generator Needs in Addison, Texas

Sharp Solar is the best choice for residents of Addison who want the latest and greatest solar and generator systems installed in their homes. If you need help, our workers will get there fast and do a great job.

We install solar panels and offer battery backup for businesses. We welcome your random doorbell rings at any time. To schedule an appointment for our services, please call 817-765-6864 or click here right now to switch to solar power in Addison, TX.

Read What Our Customers Say

We did not know much about solar panels before talking with Sharp Solar. They helped educate us on solar energy and make the switch to make our home more efficient. We didn't know what we were missing out on but we are very pleased with the results.

Very satisfied with Sharp Solar! Great customer service and extremely knowledgeable.

Sharp Solar helped me get solar panels on my home and it was the best decision I've made! They were very helpful in explaining the process from beginning to end. Excellent customer service and results!

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